When: February 27th 2016 7pm-10pm

Where: St. Mary’s Restaurant 118 W. 25th Street Baltimore, MD 21218

What: Panel Discussion, The State of Hip Hop: The Hip Hop Business from the Baltimore Perspective

Moderator: E Supreme of the G Perspective

Panel Guests: MI of SIX to SIX Records, Jahli and Reflect Sun of Golden Seal, DJ Blaq Starr and DBS

The Discussion

When hip-hop began more than 20 years ago, corporate America ignored it. Big mistake- it now generates more than $10 billion per year and has moved beyond its musical roots, transforming into a dominant and increasingly lucrative lifestyle.

Baltimore has an enormous amount of talent, yet remains behind the forefront of other major cities, like Atlanta, who serves as home to many major record label-recording artists. Why does Baltimore seem as though it can’t quite catch up? The biggest attribute many artists fail to realize is the business. This panel is to discuss the ins and outs of the business as it pertains to (a) striving artist in the city of Baltimore.

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