The State of Hip Hop: The Hip Hop Business from the Baltimore Perspective

Great panel discussion on the ‘State of Hip Hop: The Baltimore Perspective’ led by Crooked Streetz Radio’s E Supreme. Panel guests included Greenspan, DBS , ReflectSon, Jahli of Golden Seal, MI and One Speaker Supreme of Six 2 Six Records. Guests and audience members engaged in a very colorful dialogue about local Baltimore Hip Hop culture and how it relates to and differs from other Hip Hop movements in other regions. Panel guests provided their perspectives on the importance of maintaining artistic authenticity and explored Baltimore’s unique Hip Hop sound. Guests discussed topics of social responsibility and gave honorable mentions to artists who have been successful at creatively tackling social issues both within and outside of their music. The panel gave their input on how independent artists value their own music and answered questions regarding artists’ ability to earn revenue from their craft. Hoping this can become an ongoing community dialogue, as Baltimore Hip Hop culture can always benefit from mindful, open and honest discussions.

Tune in to the G PERSPECTIVE M-F @ 2PM

SHOW AIRS: FEB 29, 2016


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