Actress Leslie Jones may be calling on the ghost of Harold Ramis to conjure up some positive feedback from those firing shots. While the latest rendition of the classic Ghostbusters hasn't even hit theaters, Leslie is being haunted by the narrow minds of critics who believe the all female remake should be more sensitive to women in prominent careers. Rather than commend Leslie for stepping in to such an icon role, some would rather downplay the importance of the blue collar worker. From New York to Los Angeles, THEY EXIST- and Leslie is proud to represent them!

With all the buzz kill these days over white actors in black roles, there's just no pleasing some of us. Typically, the remake of a movie of this stature should want to hold to some of its most relevant details. The original film casted Ernie Hudson as an inexperienced newcomer, alongside the all star cast of 'experienced Ghostbusters' (Bill) Murray, (Dan) Aykroyd and (Harold) Ramis...so, why not remain true to form.

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