Afeni Shakur’s Estranged Husband Wants Tupac’s Money

Afeni Shakur, mother of late rapper Tupac Shakur, is divorcing her husband of 12 years, Gust Davis. According to TMZ, the couple does not have a prenup and Shakur filed divorce papers in North Carolina where a judge isn’t required to divide property in half, but on case-by-case basis to determine what is fair.

The couple has property and Davis wants, in addition to living on their 50 acre North Carolina ranch and their houseboats. Davis, who’s a minister, also wants to keep his Jaguar luxury car.

Tupac’s estate, which is owned by Afeni, takes in around $900k a year but after expenses she receives around $20k a month. Davis wants $10k a month of this money for the rest of his life.

Shakur has reportedly been living on a house boat for a little more than a year now in Sausalito, CA and has filed legal documents with the judge in hopes to prohibit Davis’ requests.’

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