Tory Lanez Says There Is No Drake Diss on “Line Up the Flex,” Only Facts

The cold war between Drake and Tory Lanez doesn’t seem to be reaching a boiling point or detente, but Lanez did address a recent lyric which references his cross-town adversary in a tweet published Tuesday night (April 12). “There’s a big difference between a diss and a fact,” Lanez wrote, presumably alluding to “Line Up the Flex,” a song he recently released with A$AP Ferg which features the lyric, “For them niggas that was hating on me, even though a nigga used to all ‘em all / I was never gang, gang, gang, gang, I was One Umbrella Mob.” The lyric is a clear repurposing of a Drake line included on “Summer Sixteen” which seems to go at Lanez, referencing his December mixtape The New Toronto with, “All you boys in the new Toronto want to be me a little” and later, “You was never gang, gang, gang, gang, you was never one of us / Had us fooled for a minute there, now we done all grown up.” It would appear as if Drake is insinuating that Lanez at one time claimed OVO affiliation, something Lanez then denies on “Line Up the Flex.” In March, Lanez spoke to DJ Drama on Shade 45 about the tension between the two, saying, “I’m just a young kid. Me personally, I don’t think I’m even hot enough to be getting dissed. But hey, at the end of the day he must look at me as a threat. The music is appealing and I don’t know why he did it, but more blessings to him.”

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