Tislam the Great drops "Oysters"!!!!

Here is the latest project released by TISLAM THE GREAT, God Sense Beats. The album is comprised of 20 tracks with a wide range of MCs.

Tislam the Great is a Baltimore native that has been hitting the seen for several years He has shared stages with KRS-ONE, De La Soul, Stones Throw Records, Talib Kweli, Illa J, Slum Village, Little Brother, MF Doom, Del tha Funkee Homosapien, and more.

GOD SENSE BEATS started out in 2002 in a one bed room apartment with Tislam The Great wanting to put sounds he like together as one. Starting out with Playstation One and MTV Music Generator and help from his mentor 40D. Soon he later worked with Fruity Loops Studio and now with other tools and more to come he has improved on his sound and flavor.

"The consistent Baltimore producer and NASA8's beatsmith, God Sense Beats, has gathered some of the dopest emcees from his inner circle to showcase their skills. Heavily influenced by J Dilla and Madlib, OYSTERS is an album filled with jazzy samples, and hard hitting drums. With the help of artists ranging from Silouette, Ellis, Ill Conscious, Jay Royale, EZ Jackson, UllNevaNo, and Greenspan, OYSTERS allows the talents to shine on this precious pearl, and for listeners to zone out, sit at the table, and enjoy the beauty."

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