Dame Dash says Jay Z Aint shit

the co-founder of the defunct Roc-A-Fella Records was asked for his opinion about his former business partner, Dame Dash didn’t hold back. “I mean, everybody knows Jay ain’t sh*t,” he told Adam22 on No Jumper. “Everyone knows that…Listen, if you ask anyone in the industry, it’s a common knowledge that Jay ain’t sh*t.” When asked to define what “ain’t sh*t” means, Dame replied, “He’s about the bag. We all know that. He’s self-preserving. Period. It’s just that the people he does it to don’t have Beyoncé next to ’em. They don’t have that kind of power, but this dude here, everyone’s looking.”

“So I just think he kinda like—he used to do that sh*t…it’s not even like a secret,” Dame continued unabashedly. “He’d do that sh*t to me with girls. I’ll be talking to a chick and I’ll be like, ‘Yo, she asked me to do this, that and the third.’ And he’d be like, ‘I wouldn’t do it.’ And then the next day he’s done wifed her. And I’d be like, ‘Oh, that some funny sh*t.’ You know what you dealing with when you’re dealing with Jay.

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