Chief Loud: Strain of the Month

Opium by Paradise Seeds is an even 50/50 hybrid that offers the best of both indica and sativa strains. This strain won 2nd place at the 2006 High Times Cannabis Cup and has grown in popularity since. Known to flourish indoors, this plant grows fat, resinous colas when hydroponics are employed. Outside, this strain is a different beast, growing more fickle in guerrilla cropping conditions.

I've been vocal about my hesitation to try strains named for synthetic drugs; they put me in a foul state of mind before I even light up. But a friend of mine recently pointed out that such strains as Herijuana and Opium actually help medical marijuana patients looking for heavy, sedated strains with effects similar to those of prescription medication. While smoking something named for exactly what you're avoiding sounds a little counterproductive, I could see his point, so I decided to give Opium's healing power a try after I sprained my toe playing basketball.

Although United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions doesn't want to admit it, multiple studies have shown that states with legal cannabis, whether medical or recreational, have seen a reduced number of opioid deaths since legalization. Pot strains that provide pain relief, calm the mind and offer other strong medicinal values, such as Opium, can be used as an alternative treatment to the highly addictive painkillers — so maybe in some dark, ironic way, Opium is a savior.

Luckily, Opium cannabis provides heavy pain and stress relief without instantly making you comatose, giving users a solid hour or so of visual and cerebral effects before pulling them down a hole of blissful fatigue. The pain from my sprained toe and the memory of hurting it on a missed layup vaporized after two small bowls of Opium, yet I still had enough energy to cook dinner and clean up afterward before getting decked.

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