He got a point though. All these dead rappers that was killed (or shot) in 2020 was taken out by non-rappers. Just because rappers is getting killed every month that dont make them killas.That just means rappers in general are becoming trophies. I suppose if you in a gang, killing a rapper that reps another click is as big as killing a leader. You killing the face and mouthpiece of the opposition.- REAL TALK OG

Considering the number of recent shootings in the rap community — both fatal and non-fatal — In February 2020, Brooklyn-bred rapper Pop Smoke was killed during what investigators initially classified as a botched robbery.

Then last November, Chicago rapper King Von was gunned down outside of an Atlanta hookah bar following an altercation with Quando Rondo’s entourage. Only a few days later, BadAzz Music Syndicate rapper Mo3 was assassinated on a Dallas highway at the age of 28.

But that was just the tip of the iceberg. Shortly after the fatal shootings, Boosie Badazz was shot in the leg while in Dallas for Mo3’s vigil. Around the same time, Benny The Butcher was also shot in the leg while leaving a Houston Walmart. That’s not to say there aren’t rappers out there who are spitting about a life they’ve never lived but perhaps the wave of gun violence can serve as a brutal reminder some people really don’t play.

As Jim Jones has said on multiple occasions, he believes being a rapper is the one of the “most dangerous” jobs in the world. Following Benny’s shooting, the Dipset vet shared an article about the incident on Instagram and reiterated in the caption, “So y’all still don’t agree with wht I said. Being a rapper is 1 of thee most dangerous jobs in the world. Get well soon bro stay safe stay dangerous.”

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