The G Perspective

The “G” Perspective Radio Show broadcast on Crooked Streetz Radio, keeps our listeners informed with a variety of news.  From politics to social news; from health to finance; from local to international; from sports to entertainment; the show covers it for our listeners around the globe.  The hosts include E. Supreme, SP and Lady Gia.  Together, they enliven the show with their eclectic point of views in which many of the listeners may relate.

The “G” Perspective Radio is about keeping our community of listeners in the loop of news and information that is not widely addressed but valuable in knowing.  The show is devoted to sharing advantageous information that can change our lives.  Within a segment titled “The Expert’s Corner”, the show conducts live interviews with individuals who share their expertise. Through a segment titled “The Demo Spot”, the show unveils new and brilliant artists who are within the Hip Hop and Rap community.  The “G” Perspective Radio Show also brings on “Wreel Readers” which features monthly books that bring unheard and unread stories to light.  The “G” Perspective Radio Show will continue to bring unconventional yet practical ways to deliver the important topics our listeners care to hear.

Join the “G” Perspective team at any time with any topics you want to hear by reaching out at; Twitter @GPerspectiveTGP and on Facebook at The G Perspective Radio. 

Tune into and listen to The “G” Perspective Radio Show Mondays through Fridays at 2PM [1400].